Arirang Corée du Nord - Le plus grand spectacle du monde


Arirang is the title of a popular Korean song that gave its name to arguably the biggest live performance the world has ever seen. For the first time, Philippe Chancel reveals the entirety of this show organized since 2002 in the 1st May stadium which has 150,000 seats in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea. At the end of several months of rehearsals, up to 100,000 participants - children transformed into living pixels in the stands, and gymnasts on the lawn - perform impressive choreographic scenes to the sound of revolutionary songs, which reconstitute by successive tableaux the history of Korea, from its origins to the Japanese occupation, until the desired reunification. The photographer concentrates on this single subject, as a symbol and metaphor of the entire North Korean system and adopts the exceptional point of view of authority by placing himself in place of the "dear leader" Kim Jong Il. Philippe Chancel reports, in the strict line of documentary aesthetics and a logic of inventory, of the emphasis of these celebrations.


Intourist Romania

published by Éditions Photosynthèses

Une jeunesse de France

published by The Jockers Films