“Datazone” is the name that designates an imagined space, punctuated by immense cities or deserts, linked to each other by the promise of a compromised destiny. This terrestrial galaxy is ours. This is where Philippe Chancel goes, a reporter without a newspaper, informing his imagination, gathering dizzying views of the future.
For fifteen years, he explored sensitive sites to examine the world and observe the most alarming symptoms of its decline. From China to the United States, via Africa and Europe, he denounces the often contradictory realities of our time - cynicism of power, ecological destruction, natural scourges, spectacularization of capitalism, control of individuals, religious blindness and ethnic, territorial conflict. Doing work in such a way does not correspond to any genre identified in photographic practices.
Philippe Chancel thus offers us an unprecedented exploration and constructive criticism of the world in which we live.


Intourist Romania

published by Éditions Photosynthèses

Une jeunesse de France

published by The Jockers Films