souvenirs de londres

Thames & Hudson

Photographical strolling in capitals : Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Tokyo, portraits of shops, a walk through shop fronts and settings surprising by their unexpected, poetic or off-the-wall nature. Incongrual juxtaposition of items, unlikely accumulations, graphical organisations, unusual decorations, living spaces meant to disappear with their owners… All locations presented here exist - they are even right before our very eyes, at the street corner - but we can no longer see them. Valérie Weill and Philippe Chancel still have this ability to look at and let be caught by surprised. Perec said it’s necessary to "question the usual, even though we are used to it." That is what these images do in their poetic quest of the ordinary.


Une jeunesse de France

published by The Jockers Films


245 x 340 mm fermé à la française
Ouvrage broché avec reliure Otabind pour une belle ouverture à plat avec fils noirs et jaspage noir sur le bord long de la tranche


136 pages imprimées en trichromie sur un papier non couché légèrement texturé Arena White Smooth 170g présentant plus d’une centaine d’images


Couverture à rabats imprimée en trichromie sur un papier texturé effet toile et pellicule brillant + marquage à chaud noir mat.