Workers Emirates

Bernard Chauveau

With Workers Philippe Chancel reveals the existence of thousands of workers who work tirelessly in the United Arab Emirates to build the metropolises of hyper-capitalism.

Dubai, Abu-Dhabi have quickly become cities of one-upmanship, commerce and luxury: beaches, sumptuous museums, shopping malls... an artificial universe where the unreal becomes more real than the real. This dream has a reverse side of the decor where an armada of Indian, Filipino, Chinese workers... work tirelessly, stealthily crossing this scene in an invisible way, without consistency and without stories too.

Philippe Chancel highlights this situation and offers us the vision of men seized in their activity: under the sun, turbaned with pieces of fabric, wearing caps or headscarves in order to protect themselves from the heat and the dust.

The magic of Philippe Chancel makes us hesitate, we don't know who these men are exactly: their outfits suggest for a moment that these workers are just as much possible rioters ready to overthrow an ultimately precarious order as simple workers...



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